September 9, 2017- South Buxton Raceway Summary

September 9, 2017- South Buxton Raceway Summary

Written by  Kerri Wright on Monday, 11 September 2017 08:35

MERLIN, ON (September 10, 2017)- Starting fourth in the Chatham Pro Shop Mini Mod Feature, Dylan Wolters #54 brought home a Championship win at South Buxton.

“I’m really happy to be in the Winner’s Circle”, Dylan Wolters #54 said after his Championship Win on Saturday night.

Wolters who began the race in the fourth position was able to avoid track cautions and bring home a championship win. Dylan thanked his sponsors, family and fans for all of their support all season. Second place finisher

Elliot Wilton #1 said: “This is our last race, its nice to go out with a good finish” .

Wilton, who won his first feature win this season teased his fans by saying this was his last race at South Buxton. Wilton, thanked his family, sponsors, fans and Track Promoters’ for all of their support during his racing career. After an up and down 2017 season, Andrew Pfahler #7X brought home third place , he thanked his family, sponsors and fans for all of their support and is looking forward to this seasons 2017 Canadian Fall Shootout.

Tyler Lozon #66 brought home the Sun Parlour Trailers Sport Stock Championship win Saturday night. After driving a car that was pushing like a dump truck in the heat race, the crew worked hard to get the perfect setup to win the Championship Race. Surrounded by his family and supporters Lozon thanked them all for their support.

Second place finisher Brad Bloomfield #11 who was able to repair the fire damage from the previous race week, said he ”tipped his hat to Lozon “. Bloomfield thanked his family, sponsors and fans for all of their support.

Doris Lajeuness #38, following his third place finish said, “Its been a tough season, we have had our ups and downs, at the end of the day you don’t give up” . Lajeuness thanked his crew members, sponsors and fans.

Fourteen year old Cody Wilson #23 was the Auto Tech Sales and Service Bombers Championship Feature Winner on saturday night. Cody following his Championship win, said “ It was a rough track, a roller coaster of a race".

After starting sixth at the start of the race, Cody drove hard to maneuver the track to bring home his win and celebrate in Victory Lane with his family and supporters. Carter Pickering #23 brought home second place and Brian Koomans #91K brought home third.

Eric Spangler #27 from Lake City Michigan made an appearance Saturday night during the West Side Performance Plus Late Model race. Spangler put on an incredible show and held a massive lead on his opponents.

He said that “This was an extremely fast track tonight, I’d like to thank the Promoter’s for that” .

Spangler teased that he would be back in a couple of weeks for the 2017 Canadian Fall Shoot out and thanked his sponsors, crew and fans for all of their support. Dale Glassford #60 brought home second and Mike Lewis #05 brought home third.

“Not bad for an old guy huh?” Brad McLeod #43 said following his Schinkels Gourmet Meat Modified Feature Win. This was the first time in seven years McLeod has seen the winners circle, and he was greeted there with an excited crowed of family and supporters. Eugene Hoekstra #36 brought home second and Clayton Smith #313 brought home third.

By: Kerri Wright


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