Tillsonburg Outlaws Racing Update for July 5, 2016

Tillsonburg Outlaws Racing Update for July 5, 2016

Written by  Dave Chesterman on Monday, 11 July 2016 16:59

(July 11, 2016)- Tillsonburg Outlaws- Tuesday night at the races. Coyote Raceway was the site of some fantastic racing this week.

Scott Chesterman has gotten used to putting on a large volume of water and added some extra through the night. As the sun went down, the track became perfect and you could not have asked for any better or smoother conditions. Good lines could be used anywhere on the track.

To the racing......

The Tillsonburg Lubricare Beginners get up lots of extra speed at Coyote with wider lanes but somehow they still manage to tangle up and bring out the caution. That would seem like not too big a deal but from the vantage point of our scorer, he could only see a 7 on the tip of the wing and assumed it was number 27, Zak Stewart in the wreck but it was actually #07x, Easton Longthorne.

That messed up the restart somewhat but in the end, the fastest drivers made their way to the front before race end. One of the advantages of using a three race per night scoring system is it averages out little boo boo’s like that.

Smale Powder Coating sponsors the outdoor events, and is also the title Sponsor for the Box Stock Division which had to be the premier race this week. Fourteen racers on the grid means a lot of action under green.

The first heats sort the racers out by speed and accumulate points towards the night’s total. When they line up for the feature race, you know there is going to be some action with the fastest drivers buried in the middle of the pack. 

At times there are things I see on a race track and think “this is not going to be pretty” like running the first couple laps three and four wide.

I have to hand it to the drivers though because despite courting disaster, the main went caution free. Not only did they run multiple lines to get where they wanted to go, they did it without taking themselves or anyone else out of the action in the process. There were some pinch points where the wall may have got involved but this group of kids has figured out when to lift rather than end their race. 

1. Nick Sheridan
2. Jacob Ross
3. Tom Pellizzari
4. Austin Roes.
5. Amber Meyer
6. Noah Longthorne
7. Paige Smith
8. John Jackson Jr
9. Rayse Meyer
10. Zach Stefanski

The Open Division can pull some amazing speeds at Coyote. This week Holly Porter's Coyote Raceway six event win streak came to an end. Well, sort of. Her and Scott Chesterman tied in points for the night with Porter winning the qualifying and sprint and Chesterman winning the Feature. John Smibert, who was in postion to win the Feature, lost a chain as the race drew to a close but that still gave him third for the night. Syd Hess was unable to attend this week but his fill in driver, Josh Shantz was able to garner him fourth place points. Josh is a regular in the Crate Sprints at Ohsweken.

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