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New at Summit Racing: AiM Sports Data Acquisition

Written by  Summit Racing on Saturday, 16 January 2016 08:41
No matter what kind of racing you do, Summit Racing has the AiM Sports Data Acquisition tools to help you collect the vital information you need to improve your performance - and win more often. Here are some of the AiM Sports products available now at Summit Racing:
Solo Sports GPS Lap Timer
The Solo Sports uses GPS to record your lap times - no trackside beacon needed. It provides you with a real-time display of your lap, and also can do predictive lap timing that is accurate to one-hundredth of a second.
Hit the Solo’s memory button when your session is over you’ll see your three best lap times. Hit the button again and you get a full list of your lap times along with straight speed and corner speed data for each lap. You can even bring up a histogram view of lap times to help identify driving patterns.
The Solo Sports also records speed, track position, lateral g-forces, linear g-forces, yaw rate, heading, and slope 10 times per second. All tests are stored with a time and date stamp for on-screen review or PC download for further analysis.Other features include:
• Plot data over time or distance, xy plots, and track position
• Correlate data to track position with overlay maps to analyze driving lines
• Track section analysis provides sector times for each lap
• Quarter mile performance test modes including 60- and 330-foot times, 1/8 and 1/4 mile ET and top speed (may not be legal - check with sanctioning body first)
• 0-60 MPH performance test mode
• Power with internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery or 12 volt vehicle power
MXL Strada Data Logger
The MXL Strada is ideal for dual-purpose street / track day cars. It functions as a digital dash and gauge display, and can interface with many popular OEM and aftermarket ECUs to stream data. The MXL Strada uses state of the art algorithms to sample, calculate, and display RPM, lap time, gear position, speed, temperatures and more. It also stores lap time data for on-board replay. Use AiM Sport’s optional full harness to connect additional sensors. For example, you can connect a wheel speed sensor and get continuous readings on your speed as you drive.
• Internal data acquisition system
• 128 kB of non-volatile memory stores lap data for on-board playback
• 5.5 inch wide LED display with backlight
• RPM displayed by number and graphic curve
• Configurable RPM scaling
• 10 shift light LEDs (green, yellow, red)
• Six configurable alarm LEDs for min. / max. alarm
• Built in clock and calendar for test management
• Total and partial odometer with reset
• CAN/RS-232 serial interface connects to many ECUs--see list here 
• USB cable for PC interface
• Race Studio 2 software
Features with Optional Full Harness
• One RPM input and one speed input
• Eight analog input channels: temperature, pressure, potentiometer, oxygen sensor, on-board, and custom sensor
• Gear number calculated or sampled from on-board sensor
• Infrared lap receiver and lap transmitter
• Lap times and split times
 MultiChron Stopwatch
The MultiChron stopwatch is a hand-held digital lap timer that tracks up to four different racers simultaneously. It records up to 99 laps per racer, and you can review best laps and scroll through all laps to review the race. You can also record up to nine spilt times per competitor, per lap. The MultiChron stopwatch features two different starting modes:
• One Start Mode activates the timer with one press of the button. It’s ideal for races where all drivers start at the same time
• Multi Start Mode lets you activate the timer for each driver independently during races where drivers start at different times.
Two lithium-ion batteries are included.
Summit Racing also carries other AiM Sports data loggers, lap timers, and accessories, plus the company’s SmartyCam onboard HD camcorders that are designed specifically for motorsports.
For info, visit: Summit Racing Equipment at or call 1-800-230-3030.
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