British oil developer provides innovative low-friction lubricants for first Porsche in WRC since 1986‏

British oil developer provides innovative low-friction lubricants for first Porsche in WRC since 1986‏

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Brighouse, Yorkshire - British specialist oil developer and producer, Millers Oils has signed a deal to become a technical partner to Tuthill Porsche's 911 RGT rally car in the World Rally Championship (WRC).

The audacious project is the first time a Porsche has competed in WRC since 1986 and follows a determined effort from the Tuthill Porsche team to obtain FIA approval. Millers Oils' Nanodrive® oils will help Tuthill meet the tough durability requirements of WRC as well as releasing more power, compared with conventional motorsport lubricants.

"Having experienced the benefits that Millers Oils can bring to the team, we are exceptionally pleased to be working with them," say Richard Tuthill, Director, Tuthill Porsche. "It's important for us to have the right technical support. The WRC is a test of endurance and will see our 997-type 911 operating out of its typical comfort zone. Success in this ultra-demanding series, which introduces additional challenges for the powertrain compared to circuit racing, is significantly influenced by the success of the oil. Millers Oils' expertise will help us find the competitive edge every team is looking for."

Previous independent tests by EB Motorsport, showed a 5 percent power gain when replacing a CFS 10w60 grade race lubricant with Millers Oils' CFS 10w60NT Nanodrive® oil. The rolling road tests were conducted on a Porsche 911 RSR with a Tuthill Porsche-prepared engine, which demonstrated a leap from 268bhp to 283bhp when using Nanodrive® lubricants.

The nanotechnology used in Nanodrive® oils reduces friction without compromising film strength, reducing parasitic power loses, fuel consumption and wear whilst improving power and torque. This improvement in power and durability helps race teams to go harder for longer.

"We are delighted to be working with Tuthill Porsche on such an exciting and challenging project," says Jason Lavender, Business Development Manager for Classic and Motorsport, Millers Oils. "We previously supported the team in 2013 on the East African Safari Classic Rally, where they produced some great results. We will continue to develop products that support their 911 in this exciting challenge and see this as a logical expansion of our involvement in motorsport, following our partnership with Fortec to support their Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 car."

Millers Oils will also provide the Tuthill team with oil analysis, revealing valuable information on the engine's condition and durability. The data collected from the 911 and Fortec's SLS AMG GT3 car, which is also supported by Millers Oils, will enable the company to enhance its Nanodrive® products and will help guide product development.

About Millers Oils: Millers Oils was founded in 1887 by John Watson Miller, and since then the company has displayed a talent for innovation and industry firsts.  It was the first to offer diesel specific engine oil for cars and continues to push boundaries to earn its place as a world leader in the technology of low friction.  In January 2012, Millers Oils launched nanotechnology engine oils.  When tested against a competitor's oil of the same viscosity, Nanodrive® recorded 40% lower friction at operating temperatures of 80°C, with significantly improved film strength.  Millers Oils uses the expertise gained in motorsport and performance car development to ensure it remains a leader in automotive and commercial vehicle oils and a broad range of industrial lubricants.

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