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Debrief: What is under the Audi R18 e-tron quattro?

Written by  on Wednesday, 05 June 2013 10:25

BERLIN, GERMANY – In just a few short days, Audi will again take on the world at the 24 hours of Le Mans. Today, in Berlin, I had the chance to get a personal tour and debrief of the mighty beast. Here is what you want to know about the car, as well as why Audi will probably win Le Mans, again, in 2013.

IN POINT FORM... It all started with a simulation of the track. In 2012, the car won the championship thanks to six victories and no technical failures.

• It has rotating mass boost control with up to 12 seconds of boost available per lap. Flywheel storage system. It turns up to 45,000 rpm.

• 3.7 L diesel. V6 elec 80kw motors at front. This makes the car Quattro with the help of electric motors.

• In 2014 8 mega jewels Can be used this is roughly double the energy that can be used under the current rules.

• In 2014 new rules say new 3.7L max. 915kg. But new weight will be less, Audi believes.

• Cars will be narrower and driver will be higher. Bio fuel will be regulated in amount also for 2014.

• Maximum efficiency will be the key to winning in 2014 and beyond.

• Focus on how the different power systems interact with each other, with applications in Audi's street cars.

• Two things to come are the rear view camera to replace mirror and bright LED headlights.

• This is the last year for the R18. There have been less than 50 made. The new car will be unveiled in the new year.

By Russ Bond


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