BLOG: Russ Bond: Does Indy matter to Canadians?

BLOG: Russ Bond: Does Indy matter to Canadians?

Written by  on Saturday, 25 May 2013 09:53
This weekend all racing eyes will be watching the Indy 500....or will they? I wonder if the Indy 500 has gone the way of most open wheel motoring – south.

It used to be the world damn near stopped when either the superbowl, or the Indy 500 was on – now, granted I did live in the States back then, but still, I could argue that the Indy has lost its way since the split with CART, and more importantly the hallowed ground of the site being opened up to other events.

So , what about us Canadians?

Have we lost our interest in the 500 since there are no more household Canadian names like Goodyear, Tracy and Villeneuve around to keep our interest? Or is it we really don't care?

I think the 'racing' fans that know who I mean when I mention the 'mayor' or 'Tag' will tune in to see how the 500 unfolds, but for the average sports fan, it's a non-starter.

Now, even those fans – myself included – will probably have a passing interest as long as one of our Canadian lads is in with a shout, but if they fall grass needs cutting....just saying.

The world of racing really is changing....look, NASCAR with no carbs, and making them look like...wait for it...stock in cars we might actually buy. ALMS and Grand AM are seeing the benefits of having recognizable cars in their fields that manufacturers can support.

Open wheel has a problem. Unless Audi builds the Urban (goodle it) there is no recognizable concept there so they have to rely on the star power of the drivers to draw the attention of the public.

Oh , wait , breaking news....Buddy Lazier tried to qualify for Indy....

There's star power for you....

Good luck to Hinch and Tag, go get 'em!


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